You can open new products here yourself and also order inpayment slips.

Open products

With the “Open product” function you can open accounts for yourself. These are immediately available to you and can be used in the e-banking system. In some cases, an account cannot be opened directly in the e-banking system and your order is sent to the bank for reviewing and processing. Corresponding orders are displayed under this point.

Would you like to open products for a third person or are you unable to find the product you are looking for? Please send us a message through the mailbox with the following information:

  • Desired product
  • Account holder
  • Preferred signature rights
  • Contact information for enquiries

Order payment slips

Here you can order deposit slips.

Choose between QR-bill (vouchers) and red payment slips and follow the instructions.

QR-bills can only be ordered in the IBAN version (i.e. without QR IBAN and reference number). You can obtain the slips by post or directly in PDF format.

If you need QR-bills with reference, please contact our customer service directly.

Travel payment methods

Here you can order foreign currencies and Travel Cash cards directly from Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services or top up existing cards. Further information can be found in the separate “Travel cash” section.

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