Activate eBill

Before you can receive eBills, you must first register at the eBill portal.

  • The link to the eBill portal is found in your bank’s e-banking system
  • You can identify yourself in eBill with your e-mail address. If you already use eBill, then you can register with the same e-mail address to view the same bills.


You must sign up with the respective billers to receive eBills. You can choose the billers from which you wish to pay bills via eBill.

Deactivate eBills

You have the option of deactivating the e-billing function at any time. Please note the following points when deleting an account:

  • Deactivation of the service cannot be undone.
  • Pending payments that have already been approved will still be processed by the bank.

Further assistance with eBill

You can find further information about eBill directly on the portal and at the website: https://ebill.ch/.

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